Traditionally, people used to visit the shops frequently to make a purchase, which has changed over the past decade, giving room for logistics companies to prosper. The increase in demand for logistics services has made the operation and accounting process a little complex to manage. These accounting and operation challenges can drastically impact a logistics company’s earnings and bottom line. One of the major factors that lead to this is the uncertainty in operational costs. In addition to this, the oil price and shipping rate fluctuations can also contribute to losses if not managed properly.

The traditional appearance of cost accounting methods is widely used in the logistics industry, the aim is to define the logistics costs that arise in the course. However, if the dynamic alliance of logistics uses traditional cost accounting methods, the entity’s cost management can lead to an unreasonable distribution of indirect costs, an uncertain compensation process in the cost accounting process, and poor-quality management of costs.

Thus, it did not come to account for the costs and reflect the real consumption cost of all aspects, and will also give decision-making information to the wrong decision-makers. Traditional accounting systems used by most companies today are based on arbitrary methods of distributing costs shared by multiple contractors, which cannot be directly related to cost contractors.

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