Removal and Relocation Services

ALM is committed to deal with its customers in their best times as well as worst times. If you are relocating due to good news as you have found the job of your dreams then you will find us standing next to you. On the other hand, if you are relocating to a different city or country because something unpleasant has happened in your life and you have no option other than to leave your current home. This is the time when you will also find us standing beside you. We are the ones who will stand with you even in your bad times when you will have nobody beside you.      

Removal and Relocation is Personal:

We are aware that removal and relocation is personal and everyone has a connection with their belongings. We make sure that all your belongings are packed with the necessary care and delivered with the same care as well. Whether it is a small item like a makeup box or a huge item like electronics or furniture, we make sure that all of these are packed with care.

Dismantling items during Removal and Relocation:

If you want to dismantle things then we are also available for that. Items in your home that you don’t want to take to your new home and want to discard can be dismantled by our team.

Why choose us?

  • We have huge trucks that can carry all your house items in one go.
  • We also have professional team that knows its work very well.
  • We always complete our work on time.
  • We understand the feelings of our customers and deal with them accordingly.

We Specialize in Fixing Items:

Other than dismantling items, we also specialize in fixing items. Our team is an expert when it comes to fixing broken things. If some of your furniture or other home stuff is broken, you can ask our team to fix them for you. Our team always follows this one rule that never say never. They all have a positive attitude and they are not afraid of dealing with new experiences.

Whether it’s an office transfer or a home transfer, whether you are moving in the same city or same country or to a different country, we will cater all your needs. We have an extensive cargo system which allows us to move your belongings with utmost ease from one place to another. Moreover, you can always check the status of your packaging and fixing through our online tracking systems. You will get an update of where your shipment is at the moment right away. Many shipping companies provide relocation and removal services but we are sure that none of them works with their clients as passionately as we do. We know that it might be a hard time for our customer and we deal with love and care with our customer each and every time.