What is project cargo?

Project cargo is basically transportation of products that are humongous in size from one place to another. Most of the time, these include trucks, cars, military vehicles, boats, turbines, helicopters or heavy equipment used for construction. We have the facility to move these types of goods from one country to another. We are currently operating in 20 countries which clearly means that we are also able to take your heavy materials from one continent to another with ease.

We deliver your Project Cargo with ease:

We have a wide network of channels that contribute to our logistics journey. There are several departments which are responsible for different duties related to project cargo. Whenever we get an order for cargo shipping, we take one thing into consideration, whether it has to be delivered domestically or internationally. If the cargo is domestic in nature then we prefer to send it by road. If the project cargo has to be shipped internationally then we prefer using air or marine transportation.

Project Cargo is complex but we make it simple:

Project cargo and logistics is quite difficult to handle as compared to other shipments which have low weight and volume. The reason is that one has to transfer the project cargo from one mode of transportation to another. We have to combine different modes of transportation to make the delivery to the project cargo terminal. This is because high volume and high weight bulk products cannot be carried on every other transportation vehicle. One has to check the capacity of that specific vehicle or vessel or plane before loading it with the bulk order. We make all this complex process simple in a way that we plan each and everything beforehand. We make sure that every shipment is planned and executed in an uninterrupted manner. Our teams are specialized for this task and we are proud of each of our team members for handling their work so well.

Why Choose Us?

  • We specialize in handling heavy volume shipments.
  • We move faster than our counterparts.
  • You get to check the status of your shipment.
  • We have highly skilled team of professionals who deliver their work on time.

We have the expertise as well as contacts to deliver your shipments:

In the project cargo shipping industry, you need to have an expertise as well as high level contacts for moving bulky products from one place to another. Keeping this in mind, we are proud to say that we have both.

Lastly, you need to try our service if you are planning for a project cargo. We will never disappoint you as we have never disappointed our previous customers. We are a company that delivers what it speaks. So, you have no reason left to not book us for your next project cargo