The market is undergoing radical transformation with diversifying consumer needs and the advances in technology. New technologies are accelerating the development of one stop solutions which will create brand new experiences for consumers. The shipping industry is fulfilling an increasingly important role in economic development, and we are continuously making solutions accessible to as many people as possible to broaden value for money inclusion.

ALM SHIPPING & LOGISTICS spread the use of “One Stop Solution” (all solutions for your every need under one roof) service method among our worldwide consumers since 2008, we have been meeting the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers with convenient and attractive products and services. In 2008, ALM SHIPPING & LOGISTICS became the first Asian diversified service provider on a global spectrum to introduce the One Stop Solution concept. Since then, the brand has grown and diversified to become a leading name in the global shipping industry. For the future, we remain committed to expanding our global market business together with all our partners, stakeholders, and customers.

We seek to open new doors by leveraging the latest technologies as well as demonstrating flexibility to emerging opportunities in order to provide innovative services that will meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers. So, we prevail in Air, Land & Marine to give whatever you require for your needs that’s what we stand for ALM.

Syed Adeel Aqil

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

ALM Shipping & Logistics.