Importer of Record (IOR) Services in Pakistan

IOR. Pakistan’s economy after independence was mostly centered on the textile, leather, sports, carpet, and agricultural sectors. The import of ICT equipment is the primary source of dependence for the ICT infrastructure.

Pakistan is one of the world’s top nations for software creation even if it does not produce IT goods or provide services. Pakistan is the destination for many foreign organizations and Fortune 500 businesses who outsource their software development projects.

ICT assistance is essential to the operations of almost every type of organization, including banks, FMCG, ISPs, data centers, manufacturing facilities, and e-commerce, all of which rely on imports.

When it comes to acquiring ICT equipment, Pakistan is among the most difficult countries. Following the Financial Action Task Force’s regulations, Pakistan was placed on a grey list, making it nearly difficult to import equipment at no cost without a commercial transition or FOC approval from Pakistan’s State Bank.

1. Every import into Pakistan requires an electronic import form, or EIF, to be approved. Customs clearance of goods is contingent to the denial of EIF approval.
2. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has accepted the EIF import form based on the reliability of an IOR; regrettably, SBP will not permit the import of FOC without the required paperwork. For example, contracts for services and WR (Warranty replacement), evidence of payment, Security Bound, etc.
3. Many clients have experienced fines, equipment seizures, and even backlisting as a result of their products ending up in the wrong hands and failing to comply with customs and compliance regulations.

It is advisable to use ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR for the transportation of FOC equipment into Pakistan.

SBP has given ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR permission to serve as an IOR for FOC Movement without entering into any business dealings.

Conditions for bringing products into Pakistan:

Because only companies registered in Pakistan are permitted to import provided they meet the following requirements, an import license is necessary:

1. Must-Have a National Tax Number (NTN) & Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) from the FBR.
2. IOR must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
3. Must have user details for Weboc /PSW (Pakistan Single Window).
4. State Bank approval to form Free of Cost (FOC) Electronic Import Form (EIF).

Technical compliance standards are not strictly enforced for imports into Pakistan; nonetheless, certain equipment with 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, and Sim card options need to get PTA Type Approval and NOC.

If the shipper or manufacturer already has a PTA TA in place, ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR can import restricted items without registering a TA in its name and apply for a PTA NOC based on the TA.

Certain other restricted equipment is classified as dual encrypted and needs to be approved by the military communication department. ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to handle these kinds of equipment.

Why ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR

ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR Technology has a physical location, a staff, and an office in Pakistan. ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR imports products under its own brand and uses its internal compliance team to apply for all certifications.

The clearance of commodities is handled by an internal brokerage team that is based in Karachi and Islamabad. We don’t contract with any outside parties to handle brokerage services.

ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR applies directly for EIF approval and has its own registration in Weboc/PSW. Additionally, we may apply for all TA and NOC through the company portal and register with PTA.

Over the years, ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR has aided numerous companies by streamlining their global logistics. With its incredibly dependable and trustworthy services, ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR has helped a lot of customers in Pakistan with their networking supplies, IT equipment, telecom, and satellite equipment.

The most dependable supplier of IOR services and your one-stop shop for all things related to international trade is ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR Technology. You don’t need to worry about certificates, required documentation, or compliance difficulties while using ALM Shipping & Logistics IOR/EOR technology. Every piece of technology you own has been transferred without incident.

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