ALM masters in Railway TransportatiALM is an international IOR/EOR service provider with its entire organization dedicated to provide cost effective
services to our customers & associates
Importing and Exporting requires your company to have an established business or other type of legal entity
in the country of import or export to act as the government -r e quired responsible party in conducting the
export or import transactions. e Im porter Of Record & Exporter Of Record (IOR/EOR) is officially
recognized party of an international shipment transaction by said governments.
Shipping IT equipment globally can be extremely a complex process with hardware being highly regulated,
which is why you need to use an experienced Importer of Record or Exporter of Record.
‘’ ALM team has a proven track record in completing ‘fast track’ projects consisting of Technology Products.
A complete range of expertise covers the following areas:
• Ensuring that the shipment arrives at end destination.
• Make sure that deliveries are made on time and according to payment.
• Answering any enquiries from Customs and Border Protectionon between Europe, Turkey, Iran and the CIS region. Our dedicated staff is highly experienced in Railway Transportation which enables us to respond professionally and appropriately to complex and unusual transportation needs. One of
ALM‘s specialities is its full container load “FCL” service between Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the CIS. Our exclusive “ALM Box” concept allows our customers to benefit from considerable savings in the hire or purchase of equipment for the transportation of their goods to/from the CIS region.